Ethical Issues with Hacking

Topics: Computer security, Hacker, Privacy Pages: 4 (1131 words) Published: February 15, 2013
Ethical Issues in the Workplace due to Hacking

Statement of the Issue

There is a new crime on the verge of being on America's top ten crimes list, computer hacking. Computer hacking is the practice of unlawfully gaining access to and sometimes tampering with information in a computer system. Since the cyber age, the use of computers has slowing integrated into most of society's everyday life and since then new crimes have emerged as a result of this age. The access of information readily available at the click of a button, can be very enticing to unlawfully acquire, but the companies who hold this important information has a duty to keep all files and information safeguarded. As a result of the cyber age, no longer are there just mundane crimes in America such as murder or assault. There has been a new crime wave, crimes of technologies. Cyber crimes are now listed in the top leading crimes of today. Out of the top ten crimes in America during 2012, computer related crimes were at number seven and number ten. Seven being computer theft, and ten being identity theft, with computer hacking rising on that list daily.

With careful planning and updated online security, cyber crimes such as, hacking can be decreased. According to the New York Times, they said that, new security protocols and stronger firewalls, which monitor computer networks for suspicious traffic, could help to deter a person from hacking. Security experts say companies must also adapt their security systems to protect against attacks through smartphones and tablet computers. Although such mobile devices increase convenience for workers, they essentially a create a new door into the network, which then needs its own security watchdogs.

A company is committed to keeping all the information as private as possible. When a person decides

to hack into a company's database, email or website, they are not only putting their self at risk, but everyone involved will be negatively effected....
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