Ethical Issues with Toyota

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  • Published: November 4, 2010
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Ethical Issues with Toyota

Don Carter

Grand Canyon University

Ethical Issues with Toyota

Introduction: Today's global market has changed the way a company must do business; the old local business plan is no longer feasible. In the old business model did not consider ethics as a major concern. The impact a company now has in the global economy has made it imperative that ethics must be of primary concern. Many issues have come to light with the ethical negligence of Enron which financially destroyed many people and the substandard way British Petroleum has gone about it oil drilling operations. Their willingness to cut corners to speed up drilling and maximize profits has created the world's largest man made natural disaster.

Another example of a company placing profits over ethical issues is Toyota, their substandard manufacturing practices has been the cause of thousands of accidents, injuries and even death in some cases. Their lack of ethical decision making has also cost them consumer confidence in their products. In today's business world it is imperative that a company conduct itself in a transparent manner and make sure that ethics is the guiding principle in its decision making process.

Business ethics for a company is a written set of policies and moral principles which the company is to do business by. These ethics provide guidelines whether written or unwritten in the form of principles and values that govern the operations and decision making processes of the company. Ethical issues can range from practical, easily defined issues such as a company's responsibility to be honest with its customers and to be responsive to documented problems with its products, to more broader issues concerning the protection of our environment, its employees and its customers. These issues must be balanced with the practical needs of the company such...
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