Ethical Issues of Imperial Tobacco

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What is Trade?

Canada’s Economic Identity

Instructions: Read Pg. 17-21, fill in the note with correct terms & answer the questions below.

Interdependence – The _____ reliance______ of ___two_____ or more ____nations_____ on each other for ____products_______ or _____services______. There are three main areas of interdependence in trade.

1. Primary Industries

Primary industries are those that ____extract________ (take) raw _____materials_________ from nature, _____process______ them slightly to add _ value_to products_____, then sell them to other businesses. Figure 1. Natural resources sectors for Canada

Canada’s major primary industries:
1. _____agriculture________
2. ____fishing______, ____trapping_______ and____forestry_______ 3. _____hunting_____ and ____logging_______
4. ____energy______
5. ____mining______
6. ____water______

Our greatest number of _____exports_______ come from businesses in the ____primary______ sectors.

2. Secondary Industries (Manufacturing)

• Made up of both ____primary______ manufacturing (called processing) and ____secondary_______ manufacturing.

• Secondary manufacturing produces both _____capital______ goods used by businesses and _____consumer______ goods such as ____clothing______ and _____television_______.

• Canada’s economy is based on businesses owned by _____foreign_______ businesses; know as a ____branch______-____plant_______ economy. Figure 3. Balance of trade by major manufacturing industry sectors, 2009 [pic]

Name 5 industries in the Secondary/Manufacturing
category and two examples of products in each.

1. AutomotiveChevrolet, Cadillac
2. ChemicalSoaps, Cosmetics
3. Machinery Cameras, Vending machines
4. Food Foods, Beverages
5. InformationComputers, Telephone

3. Tertiary Industries – Service Industries

• not tangible (touchable) items provided by...
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