Ethical Issues Managers Face in Creating a Diverse Organization

Topics: Management, Business ethics, Ethics Pages: 3 (786 words) Published: September 29, 2011
Ethical Issues Managers Face in Creating a Diverse Organization By: Eduardo R. Zayas-Quiñones

Some time not long ago we thought of America as a "melting pot" of cultures and ideologies. That view placed under the light of several generations of struggle for equality no longer holds true. Yes, we are here in the same pot but instead of melting, we have chosen to hold on to our roots, our cultures and ideologies. We won't let go of these so, we are just learning to get along together, and instead of a melting pot we resemble sort of like a delicious pot of stew. We may be a potato, a carrot or scallion but we are all bound together by that delicious gravy I call American. Oh yes, it gets pretty hot in this little pot of ours and when it does well, America boils with fury. Every once in a while someone will come along to help us by simply stirring the pot. I have learned of many great leaders throughout our history that had the vision and courage to do that like Dr. Martin Luther King. I have also known many great leaders throughout my life; men and women who came from the darkest, poorest places and through personal choices and sacrifice became a source of light and inspiration to others like me. In time however, the little pot of stew does cool off and to our amazement we find that the gravy is now ... a little thicker.

In an organization as everywhere else in our country these things, which make us unique and diverse, address more than our heterogeneous composition in terms of race, ethnicity and gender but also include sexual orientation, age and physical disability.

If I could sum the ethical challenge a manager faces in today's diverse organization in one statement it would be simply this:

To make the very best possible use of the skills and talents each and every one of his or her employees brings in order to make an excellent level of profit for the company while helping each and every employee achieve their goals for personal, professional and...
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