Ethical Issues in Telecom Sector

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Business Ethics & Corporate Governance
Identification of Non Market Forces Impacting the Telecom Sector

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The Telecom Sector is going through a phase of phenomenal growth in India and the number of mobile manufacturers has been increasing rapidly, particularly in the last one year. The number of homegrown telecom manufacturers has grown up rapidly starting new phase of low cost handsets. starting Companies like Micromax and Maxx mobiles have given tough fight to the majors like Nokia and Samsung in the low cost handset markets which these biggies have failed to counter back. The major reason why these home grown companies have been winning against their global counterparts is mainly on cost and features. These companies import the handsets cheaply from China, brand them on their names and sell into the market at cheap prices. The major reason why these home grown companies have been able to deliver cheap handsets is due to their ignorance of the handset radiation regulation set standards. The global companies need to follow the set standards of global radiation emissions while these companies typically violate all such standards causing hazards to the consumers who use such handsets. Each mobile handset manufacturer and telecom operator has to follow the internationally laid guidelines for the regulations from the mobile equipment. At the same time the global companies spend a chunk of their revenues in R&D thus companies developing products which are more consumer friendly and causes minimum hazards on the users. Similarly at the same time the Telecom operators have to keep investing in technology up gradation so as to minimize the radiation emissions. Each operator has to follow the guidelines laid by the ze governing bodies and rollout services across the nation. Example, the 3G services has to be rolled out by each operator in the circles where it has been allotted the spectru within a fixed span of spectrum time. The graph below shows the way the telecom sector in India has evolved over the time.

The type of radiation emitted from mobile phones is electromagnetic radiation. It's present in mobiles because they use radio frequency (RF) waves to make and receive calls. The doses are considered to be very small as the emissions are low power (short range). There are ways in which range). you can reduce exposure to these waves.

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HEALTH RISKS The pace of mobile phone technology is advancing at a far quicker pace than the research required into the potential harm they can cause; much more research is needed (and is being undertaken) i before we can know for certain the effects they have on human health. Nevertheless, mobiles do emit low doses of radiation so common sense dictates precaution should be taken when using them. Studies have shown that exposure to the RF waves emitted from mobiles can cause: waves • Slightly raised blood pressure at the time of use, pressure returning to normal when use is stopped lightly (to put this into perspective, our blood pressure changes regularly throughout the day and is even affected by tasks such as speaking) ch • Direct brain warming after prolonged use, which disperses as soon as you stop using your phone and irect causes no harm • Mild fatigue after prolonged use ild • A recent study in Sweden suggested that acoustic neuromas (benign tumors of the acoustic nerve) are twice as common in mobile phone users as in those who do not use mobiles.

The Stakeholders are mainly the consumers who have been using the cheap and sub-standard sub handsets manufactured by these home grown companies who are only focusing on making profits and pay no heed to the health of the consumers who use their handsets. Their primary focus is on making profits without thinking of the side effects that their products cause on the consumers health.

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Some scientists theorize that cellphones may interfere with our cells' DNA mechanisms...
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