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Ethical Issues in Organizations

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Ethical Issues in Organizations

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“Ethics involves the study of moral issues and choices.  It is concerned with right versus wrong, good versus bad, and the many shades of gray in supposedly black-and-white issues.  Moral implications spring from virtually every decision, both on and off the job.  Managers are challenged to have more imagination and the courage to do the right thing to make the world a better place”(Kinicki and Kreitner, p. 23). This statement summarizes the ethical issues that organizations find as a concern. Ethical issues do not only affect organizations but also our personal life, every aspect of who we are from the beginning to the end. In an organization, any upper management who makes decision that appears to be unethical will ruin the reputation of the organization, from the subordinates to management. At times, although it is known to be unethical it may not be noticed or reprimanded. Therefore leaving the unethical decision accepted, leading to an unhealthy growth of an organization. According to Kinicki and Kreitner’s (2009) Model of Individual Ethical Behavior, each individual has “unique” set of personality characteristics from: personality, values, moral principles, history of reinforcement, and gender.  Basically Kinicki and Kreitner are trying to explain that a person’s natural personality and individual past history is what shapes a persons ethical structure. On the other hand it is important that a person understand that ethical structure is not stagnant and can eventually be influenced in either direction, good and/or bad throughout the years. Besides individuals unique characteristics there are also other influences, factors that affect an individuals ethical behavior: internal, external and neutralizing/enhancing factors. Internal organizational influences consist of ethical codes, organizational culture, organizational size, structure, perceived pressure for results and corporate strategy. Management needs to display proper ethical values...

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