Ethical Issues in Healthcare

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  • Published : March 20, 2010
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Ethical Issues in Healthcare

Joanne Marie Chavez
University of Phoenix

Ethical Issues in Healthcare
In this paper I will be discussing four ethical issues that I believe are important to healthcare in our society. These issues are in regards to care to patients with low or no heath insurance, issues pertaining to healthcare online, counseling elderly patients and cardiac retransplantation. These issues are an ongoing debate and I believe that everyone should be aware of the information that is available to each topic. President Obama says that health care reform is a high priority. For many of us who are not following this issue is it because we do not know what health care reform is? I know that I asked a few of my co-workers and they were stumped by this question. They have heard health care reform mentioned but do not know what it actually means. Many Americans have inadequate or no health care insurance which means that they are unable to receive high-quality medical care. High cost in health care insurance is a main reason why employers do not offer their employees health insurance. President Obama wants of create a plan where government sponsored insurance is available to anyone including those with pre-existing chronic illnesses. Republicans are opposed to this idea. They believe that not only will this health care reform cost the government more money, but if government sponsored insurance is available to everyone, most employers would opt to provide that to their employees because it would be cheaper than private insurance. Another group that opposes health care reform is the American Medical Association. Many doctors fear that they would be reimbursed in the long term just like Medicare. However, there are other doctor groups such as The American Academy of Family Physicians and the National Physicians Alliance who are supportive to health care reform. They believe that it is the public health care would be more affordable to...
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