Ethical Issues

Topics: Chemical industry, Greek loanwords, Oil spill Pages: 1 (263 words) Published: April 22, 2013

Chemical exposures in the oil and chemical industries have become rampant due to the boom of the oil and gas industry within the past few years. These spills and exposures can cause catastrophic impact on the environment and threaten the health of people. Since one of the main duty of an engineer is to hold paramount the health, safety and welfare of the public, these issues will be of a concern to those working for oil and chemical companies. Ethical issues such the problem of many hands xic exposure, contamination of water due to hydraulic fracking and oil spills will continue to surface as long as the industries thrives

Spills such as the BP oil spill, Bhopal disaster in India, and other chemical accident are almost always caused by management errors, refusal to follow protocols and procedures set out by the company. In this paper, I will discuss about the problem of many hands, the cost-benefit analysis and other major ethical issues that occur within toxic and chemical exposure. . I am interested in this topic because I will be working for a chemical company, and it is vital to know the history of chemical exposures and the effects it has on the environment and the people. This project pertains to the society because the public will have to know the drawbacks of living in an environment that depends on chemicals and oil as a source of energy.  Research

I will talk about the Bhopal Disaster, BP disaster and other major disasters that have occurred METHODOLOGY
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