Ethical Issues

Topics: Learning, Problem solving, Cognition Pages: 1 (398 words) Published: March 17, 2013
Personal Ethical Statement

Upon review of my results from the Ethical Lens Inventory, I learned that I have an optimistic approach about things. I seem to see in the good in situations rather than allowing the negative aspects of a situation prevents me achieving my goals. This is in regards to my preferred ethical lens, my reasoning skills allow me to determine what needs to be accomplished and what my role consist of so that everyone will be treated fairly. In terms of my blind spot I don’t have one which means that I have to ability to understand the strengths and weaknesses of any given situation are able to adjust accordingly. I believe my strengths are the ability to analyze problems by using my reasoning, experiencing, and authority and tradition skills. These skills allow me to determine ways to approach an obstacle or problem and figure out ways to get it completed. By using these skills I am making sure that everyone involved will have the best outcome possible. My weakness I believe is confusion; because I seem to have neutral approach and can see everyone’s point of view and sometimes lose track of my own which prevents me from being able effectively solve the issue at hand. I have to understand that this can hinder me from vital relationship/ networking because most might not see my neutral approach as authentic. My values shows that I make sure that everyone is treated the same and that we all have the best outcome possible. I also know that you have to take each situation/ dilemma separately and know that each outcome can’t and won’t be the same. In order to become productive I understand that sometimes things don’t go as expected and sometimes you have to change/ adjust to each individual situation. In conclusion, I now understand that in order for me succeed I have to not let my confusion deter me from my main goal, I have to also make sure that I’m coming off as being a person that can’t be trusted because I have the ability to see both sides...
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