Ethical Issues

Topics: Ethics, Business ethics, Marketing Pages: 5 (1699 words) Published: March 9, 2013
CIPRIAN PAVEL, VIOLETA GIANINA DRAGOTĂ, MIHAELA DOGAN „TIBISCUS” UNIVERSITY OF TIMIȘOARA, FACULTY OF ECONOMICS 1/A DALIEI STREET, TIMIȘOARA, 300558,, Abstract: In this paper we refer to a issues raised by the question: What kind of marketing should companies practice, in terms of ethics? Ethics in marketing aims to apply the moral principles to optics and marketing practice. Thus, any marketing operator should be responsible for the consequences of all of his activities and ensure that all actions, decisions and recommendations are directed to serve the target audience: consumers, organizations and society in general. The way of materialize the rules of ethics is represented by the codes and general rules of conduct developed by different professional organizations or consumers associations. Key words: marketing, ethics, responsibility, society, communication JEL classification: M31, M39

Introduction Marketing can be define as „an organizational function and a number of processes for creating, communication and value delivery to the clients and the relationship with them in advantage of the organization and its shareholders”. From this definition apparent role in society of those involved in marketing activities is: to be responsible for carrying out actions to persuade consumers in diferent markets segments, that, for a price, to benefenit from products and services that meet their needs and fulfill their expectations and desires. Considering that the marketing aims to determine and influence the purchasing behavior and that competition in modern economy is more intense and unscrupulous, an important issue that arises is if workers in marketing, as well as professional category may be tempted to behave unethical to achieve their objectives. Marketers today face big challenges as they try to make their marketing messages heard. Practitioner estimates suggest that consumers are exposed daily to thousands of marketing communications. This proliferation of marketing communications not only has created unprecedented levels of perceived disorder, it also has led to heightened contempt for corporations by many consumers who actively seek to avoid marketing communications from any source. Ethical problems raised in modern marketing Not a few times, marketers are accused of launching and promoting on the market low quality products to compete in certain segments of the market price. Also the complaints relate to a significant increase in the price(to preserve brand image, or to save profits encumbered by high costs of advertising campaigns)., thus depriving clients with smaller financial possibilities of access to some products and services. Also, marketing responsibility for handling consumer raises an important ethical problem, namely, if marketing and those working in the field can create needs and cause consumers to buy things that really do not want. Another responsibility of marketing in direction of ethics is influencing the value system and the promotion of non-values. Products advertised are not always perfect, and the ads are not always made of highest quality. 643

Last but not least should be remembered marketing responsability for the environmental effects. Huge quantities of waste from packaging contribute to environmental pollution, and that the practice of green marketing is an increasingly urgent matter. In other terms, pollution is not only material: if what they see or hear in advertisements injure consumers aesthetic values, advertising can be considered a pollution factor. The moral question of what is right or appropriate poses many dilemmas for marketers. Even within a country, ethical standards are frequently not defined or always clear. The problem of business ethics is infinitely more complex in international marketplace, because value judgments differ widely among culturally diverse...
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