Ethical Issues

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Ethical issues within professions

You Decide Paper
Ethical and Legal Issues in the Professions
Week 6
Joshua A. Schlosser

Wooden is a large factory that specializes in creating wooden objects from shaving and shaping logs. I have been employed there for ten years and I’m well acquainted with everyone. I now face a dilemma, the factory has become unsafe. I have followed my chain of command and voiced my concerns and no one will take me seriously. I have no choice but to report this to outside authorities so my co-workers as well as the town is safe. Littlebury is a small town with a population of approximately 1,200 residents. In this small of a town everyone knows one another and Wooden is the largest employer. Wooden takes almost 1,000 logs a day and operates on a 24/7 basis. The activity at Wooden creates an enormous amount of dust, at least an inch thick on all of the equipment, flat surfaces and ceiling rafters. In some areas it is 3 inches thick and WOOD DUST IS A COMBUSTABLE MATERIAL. Employees’ have complained for years but no one has created a method to frequently clean the factory. I feel that I have no choice but to report it to the outside authorities because now a co-worker has reported she has seen sparks come off her machine. I have reported this to everyone from the Safety Coordinator, Jason Rhine all the way up the chain to the Owner, Tony Lord. I have received responses from “There is no way an explosion could occur. Everyone knows that wood dust is not explosive. She probably saw some type of light reflection.” up to “You cannot prove that there is an explosion hazard here.” I have been threatened that without proof my concerns and comments will be taken as slander. My co-worker is asking me to call OSHA because if my years of service and she has only been employed for two weeks thus scared of losing her job. However, if I report it I feel as if even though I have ten years here at Wooden I would be harassed until I resigned or they...
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