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• Introduction 1

• PreHistory 2

• Penitration Testers 4

• Hacker’s Classes 5

• Who is an Ethical hacker 6

• Required Skills for Ethical hacker 10

• Get out of jail free card 11

• Tools used in Hacking 12

• Jobs in Ethical Hacking 13


➢ Ethical hacking is perfectly legal

➢ It is performed with the target’s permission

➢ Also known as Penetration Testing or White Hat hacking

➢ With the ethical hacking the system can be better secured of outside attack

➢ Part of an overall security program

Penetration Testers

← Hackers

← Access computer system or network without authorization

← Breaks the law; can go to prison

← Crackers

← Break into systems to steal or destroy data

← U.S. Department of Justice calls both hackers

← Ethical hacker

← Performs most of the same activities but with owner’s permission

Who Is An Hacker ?

➢ Hacker is a person who enjoys learning the details of the computer systems and how to stretch their capabilities

➢ Hackers are not computer criminals

➢ Hackers knew everything about the way a software or application works

Hacker’s Classes

➢ Black Hats –Individuals with extraordinary computing skills, resorting to malicious activities.' Also known as Crackers’

➢ Grey Hats -Individuals who work both offensively and defensively at various times

← White Hats-Individuals professing the hacker’s skills and using it for defensive purposes.Also known as ‘Security Analysts’

Who is an Ethical Hacker?

➢ Ethical Hackers refers to computer professionals who apply their hacking skills for defensive purposes

➢ Ethical Hackers typically have very strong programming and computer networking skills

➢ Ethical Hackers use tools to find systems that may be vulnerable to an exploit because of the operating system, network configuration, or applications installed on the systems, and prevent an attack.

Why Ethical Hacking?



Get Out of Jail Free Card

← When doing a penetration test, have a written contract giving you permission to attack the network

← Using a contract is just good business

← Contracts may be useful in court

← Have an attorney read over your contract before sending or signing it


← Keylogger (to know the key strocked)

← Ophcrack XP live cd (to crack the system password)

← TOR (Provide a new proxy every minute).

← Jsky (find the vulnerability in site)

← Beast 2.1 (to create Trojan)

← Nessus tool (same as Jsky but paid one)

Jobs in Ethical Hacking

← Penetration tester

← Security analysist

← Consultancy

← Technical writer.

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