Ethical Framework

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Ethical Framework
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June 14, 2010

Ethical Framework
As a professional health care worker, the implication confidentiality breach regarding ethical dilemmas are significant to nurse and patient. The information disclosed can cause problems on a personal and professional level. Breach of confidentiality occurs when the heath care work discloses the patient's medical or personal information without the patient's informed written or verbal consent. Confidentiality is needed between the nurse and the patient to maintain a good open and honest relationship between both parties. There are several ethical implications regarding breach of confidentiality, for example, patient trust, nurse responsibility, and disclosure of important information regarding treatment; however, there are certain situations when disclosing information is legally and ethically required.

The ethical implication of confidentiality breach are not only legal but ethically important and the responsibility of a nurse or any other health care work. The nurse must keep "her word" of honesty to help gain the patient's trust. The nurse is then able to gain the vital information that may help to appropriately care for the patient and preserve continuity of care. In the article by Pamela G. Nathanson entitled "Betraying Trust of Providing Good Care? When is it Okay to Break Confidentiality," nurse Hathaway actions where appropriate in informing Andrea's parents her diagnosis of cervical cancer (2000). As a healthcare worker and nurse, confidentiality is important and no patient information must be disclosed; however, there are times when it is legally and ethically important to disclose information to the appropriate party. "The ethical principle of confidentiality demands nondisclosure of private or secret information about another person with which one is entrusted" (Burkhardt & Nathaniel, 2008, pg. 68).

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