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  • Published : May 20, 2013
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hical essay

Unethical marketing activity of DR Group Limited

In Hong Kong nowadays, there is no doubt that the “beauty-service” is the most controversial industry. “DR Group” was one of the leading companies in Hong Kong since 1995, being well-known for its low-priced medical cosmetics service and product which guarantee customer to reach a satisfactory cosmetic results or body weight reduction. However, it was shut down five months ago due to a serious Medical malpractice, which drawn public attention once again about the inappropriate marketing activity of “selling cheap medical cosmetics service”. The ethical issue of this activity will be discussed and analyzed in this paper and suggestions will be given as well.

According to the the American Marketing Association (AMA), “Marketers are expected to embrace the highest professional ethical norms and the ethical values implied by our responsibility toward multiple stakeholders”. The marketing activities of “DR Group” are considered as below ethical standard of business based on AMA’s code of ethics, including Honesty, Responsibility and Respect.

First of all, the value of “Honesty” and “responsibility” in AMA’s code of ethics are not fulfilled by this beauty company. According to some news reports of the malpractice mentioned above, The DR group referred their clients to a doctor for a intravenous infusions treatment, their blood would be extracted by the doctor and send it to a stem cell research centre, nourished with a liquid essence for fourteen days and finally the blood would inject back to the clients by the doctor. Unfortunately, the treatment that claims can enhance the immune systems has caused one woman died and three had to stay in hospital. Secretary for Food and Health Ko Wing-man has pointed out that such treatment is "indubitably a medical procedure" that should be only held by qualified doctor in a hospital. It clearly shows that the promotions of the treatment has...
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