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Over the past few centuries society has seen a steady increase in sensitivity towards women, minorities, the disabled, sexuality, and religion from within the business community. These classifications represent the ever changing demographics of our current society and these characteristics are now evolving and emerging quickly into the modern workplace. With this evolution, employers should attempt to incorporate as much diversity as possible into their workforce. This is important issue for an organization embrace, because failure to diversify could lead to legal accusations of discrimination, which is illegal. Diversity of the workplace on the other hand, can be viewed as a benefit to an organization, because it brings new idea to the table and which will permute the organization’s growth. However, Gaining diversity in the workplace can present ethical challenges, having the responsibility for safe work conditions, providing fair wages and acknowledging the employee’s rights to privacy.

Diversity in the workplace attempts to make employees of different socio-economic backgrounds feel safe and reasonably protected working within an organization. The employer has an ethical duty to maintain a certain level of authority and control to combat such problems as workplace violence amongst its employees. “Over the past several decades, workplace violence has become recognized as an important occupational safety and health issue in the United States as occupational safety and health professionals have documented the magnitude of workplace violence and advocated for greater awareness, increasing security measures as appropriate, and training in how to respond to robberies, deescalate hostile situations and the like. (Hartley) “Safety in the workplace is absolutely crucial for an organization to retain its employees and maintain a good legal standing in the community that it is currently operating in. As the workplace has diversified, the employer by law must reasonably ensure the safety of its employees. The organization can achieve this by providing its employees with safety training, code of conduct guidelines and the policing of its workplace. To aid the employers with these requirements, many companies have turned to the use of information technology to help with monitoring of their work environments. “Indeed, safety technologies can be used by the firm to monitor employee behavior to ensure that they are making sound workplace safety decisions. (Cantor) “The technological advancements made in the surveillance industry have made it more affordable for organization to invest in state of the art camera systems, for monitoring and supervising it workforce as never before. Furthermore, by utilizing information technology an organization can gain a substantial benefit with safety by increasing an organization’s communications bandwidth, provide information to employees quicker and perform life threating calculations. “Many occupational accidents occur because of the poor decisions that are being made by the firm’s employees. To keep the firm in a zone of safety, information technology can support the firm’s effort to monitor and analyze workplace behavior. (Cantor)” Technology, such as digital camera systems, X-rays metal detectors and advanced badging systems can help an organization provide the best possible workplace conditions for the its employees. Table 8 below shows data form a 2002 research study of security technology found in typical organizations.


Small businesses should establish a comprehensive code of ethics and safety standards for their workplaces. To combat the ever grow...
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