Ethical Egoism

Topics: Plato, Law, Justice Pages: 2 (513 words) Published: December 19, 2012
There are a few reasons as to why I do not think an ethical egoist would agree with Socrates decision to stay and be executed. For example, egoists don’t care about the good cause, Gods cause, the cause of mankind, the cause of truth, of freedom, of humanity, and of justice, which will all Socrates does care about. Egoist believes that the only concern is themselves and that there is no meaning to good or bad. Socrates viewpoint about remaining in jail and being executed is all based on the idea that if he breaks out of jail he would be unjust, and just in general goes against his beliefs. “ Socrates wants to abide by the law because he respected the city as well as the laws that governed Athens. Living by such laws allowed Socrates to lead what he perceived to be the just life, therefore the good life. For Socrates “it is never right to commit injustice or return injustice to defend one self against injury by retaliation. “ “ Then we ought not to retaliate or render evil for evil to anyone, whatever evil we may have suffered from him.” If Socrates would to escape, then it would be breaking the law. Even if he felt that the jury was wrong for convicting him, his intention is not to return a wrong for another wrong. Socrates can’t escape if he thinks that doing that action is unjust, he has personal principles which is that just action is the right action and going against that principle would be unjust. To do an unjust action ruins one soul and life isn’t worth living with a ruined soul. Socrates believed that there was no point in living, if his life was not moral and just. To him quality of his life is more important than the quantity of it. In addition, Athens protects him with right and laws and he feels that in return he has to obey them by being just. In my opinion, Socrates philosophy is completely right. A person was born into a country with laws and therefore agrees to it as a citizen. Athens reasoning to the execution is questioning to many...
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