Ethical Dilemmas in Management

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  • Published : January 15, 2012
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Today I am going to be talking about some ethical dilemmas that face managers in today’s work place. Some of the topics I will be talking about today are whistle blowing, hiring employees, firing employees and at the office gossip. I hope that you may get some tips on how to handle these situations within your company.

A dilemma we may face as managers is whether or not to blow the whistle on an individual within the organization, especially when it is someone in a higher position than you. This becomes an ethical dilemma since we must come to a decision whether or not we are ethically bound to report this information. However, it is important to remember that as managers, once we have received any information regarding any unethical behavior within the organization it is our ethical responsibility to make an effort to inform others within the corporation who may be able to take appropriate action. These are the types of decisions that are hard to make. In one hand you feel obligated to the company and on the other you feel bad for having to be the one to have to tell someone. So what do you do? Personally I would find someone in the HR department I can trust to confidentially tell what was going on.

When it comes to actually choosing the best candidate for the job, the best advice I can give you is, hiring someone simply because you need an someone to fill the spot is idiotic and inevitably will have poor performance and decreased morale. So be sure to hire only someone who actually fits the job description you've created. In fact, shooting for the stars by knowingly increasing your standards to hire the best possible candidate is the best idea. If you are looking for someone who think ethics is as important to you, than that is what you need to hire for. There are many ways for managers to ensure that they find some one who has the right morals and ethical standards to work for the company. First, I would try to contact their former employer and ask...
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