Ethical Dilemmas in Hr Managements

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Ethical Dilemmas in HR Managements

Human Resources are the important resources of an organization. If an organization doesn’t have this, for sure it would not be effective and successful even if they have its other resources. It is because Human resources are the people who work in the organization. These people work for various jobs, tasks and functions of an organization. These people are employed to work on the organization in exchange with wages and salaries. And these people are selected carefully and trained hard by the Human Resource Management to maintain their qualification as an employee.

What if an organization cannot afford to select these Human resources? What if an organization cannot anymore employ these people permanently because they cannot afford to give those benefits and incentives? Or what if the organization just wanted to improve their profits and lesser their costs of employment fees? What if they need to Outsource?

Assuming that I am the Top Resource Executive of a large company and I need to think of a way to reduce the financial costs of the company and improve its profits. I read some research about outsourcing and how this can be effective for my organization. What would be the benefits of this outsourcing that might help my organization to reduce its costs?

Outsourcing is the process of hiring outside firms to handle basic human resource management functions, presumably more efficient than the organization. This is what organization does if they cannot or if they don’t want to handle basic tasks for their workplace. If I would use this kind of process I would probably force to lay off some of my employees and hire new employees through an Outside Service Provider or a Service Agency.

Ethics is an individual’s beliefs about what is right and wrong and what is good and bad. When I, the top Human Resource Executive start thinking about outsourcing, decided to do it, implement it, then do forced lay out. This is where the...
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