Ethical Dilemma Worksheet

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Ethical Dilemma Worksheet

Incident Review

|What is the ethical issue or problem? Identify the issue succinctly. | | | |The ethical issue and or problem here is that a police report is being changed. One police report stating that officer saw | |intoxicated male driving, while the other police report states that officers made an arrest for driving while intoxicated but never| |saw the male driving. | |What are the most important facts? Which facts have the most bearing on the ethical decision presented? Include any important | |potential economic, social, or political pressures, and exclude inconsequential facts. | | | |The most important fact about this case is that officers never saw the male suspect driving while intoxicated. The fact that two | |different police reports were made one stating the officer saw the male driving and the other stating officer did not see the male | |driving. | |Identify each claimant (key actor) who has an interest in the outcome of this ethical issue. From the perspective of the moral | |agent—the individual contemplating an ethical course of action—what obligation is owed to the claimant? Why? | |Claimant |Obligation (owed to the|Perspective (What does the claimant hope will happen?) | |(key actor) |claimant) | | |Officer Rook |Designated officer to |Officer Rook wrote the original police report and followed policy and turned it in to | | |write original report |the D.A. office to let the process begin for the individual male arrested for driving | | | |while intoxicated. | | D.D.A. Acute |To ensure that laws are| | | |upheld and the process |D.D.A. notices the differences between both police reports and make notes of them. | | |serves all parties |The D.D.A. has the responsibility to uphold all laws and rights of individuals and | | |involved. |wants to ensure that the criminal justice system is just and fair. | |Officer Nixon |Turning in second |Officer Nixon turned in the second the police report that made note that the officers | | |police report |saw the individual male driving. This officer wants a conviction of the individual | | | |male for driving while intoxicated. | |Wife |Wants to take husband |Wife wants to take husband home after being processed. Wife reported that her husband| | |home |had bad experiences while in Somalia and it would best for him to go home. | | | | | | | | |

Evaluating Alternatives

|What are two...
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