Ethical Dilemma Plan

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Matthew Busardo12/3/12
Ethical Dilemma Plan Section 03

Ethical Dilemma Plan

If you are reading this than you have a problem that requires attention. Please remember to stay calm and focused on the task at hand. This pamphlet will walk you step by step through your ethical dilemma and help you determine which course of action to take. This is a general overview of how to ethically confront a moral issue, analyze it from every possible angle and make an informed decision on what to do. Throughout this pamphlet you will learn to determine the cause of the issue, identify the values and principles involved, rank those principles in order of relevancy, develop a plan of action, implement your plan, and finally reflect on your plan.

*****DISCLAIMER***Although this can help in many situations, you must remember that this is a very general overview of how to deal with an ethical dilemma and to not rely too heavily on it for then you will defeat the purpose of this pamphlet and that is to get you to make your own decisions.

Step 1
Step one for most people can be the most difficult one for this step makes you determine if your problem is an ethical issue or an ethical dilemma. For most they would seem to be the same but they are in fact very different and depending on which one you have will determine your next course of action. An ethical issue is most of the time an issue between right and wrong. You are stuck between making a decision that most consider wrong or choosing the right path. An ethical dilemma is when you are confronted with a decision and either way you go is unethical, for instance, you and your family have no money and you’re all starving. You need to decide whether to let your family starve or to steal to get food. Once you make the determination whether your problem is an issue or a dilemma you can move on to step 2.

Step 2 involves you breaking down the problem and all its key values and...
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