Ethical Dilemma Case

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Ethical Dilemma Case
LDR 301
December 8, 2011

Ethical Dilemma Case
An ethical dilemma can be considered as an issue or situation between two or more people where morals are questioned or underestimated. Ethical dilemmas could also be a situation where a person feels as though they are being used in a way to benefit the other person. Everyone has a sense of what is right and what is wrong. In that same sense, people have the choice to make the right decision or go with the wrong decision. Most of the time, the wrong decision is chosen because the right decision does not have any benefits. On the other hand, the right decision is made because it’s morally beneficial. Key Aspect: Case Study 1 (Dry Cleaning)

In this case study, the dry cleaning owners were faced with the ethical dilemma of decided to be safe or cheap. This kind of ethical dilemma related to the community. When the owners decided that this new solvent would be better for the business, it was not the business in general but the customers and the employees. The solvent would be environmentally safer and the business took into consideration that they would have to spend more money to get the machines to use the product. The ethical decision that they made was to get the new product and not add cost to the pricing of their services. I believe this was morally right because they were more concerned with the benefit of their employees and customers than the benefit of themselves. They saw that by benefiting those individuals they will overall benefit themselves. If they had decided not to get the new solvent because they did not want to spend the money in the machines, this would be considered unethical and could have jeopardized the business by possible lost of employees and customers.

Key Aspect: Case Study 2 (Construction)
This case study is about a subcontractor spotting a soft spot in the construction of the construction sites he was working in. The soft spot can be...
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