Ethical Dilemma

Topics: Theft, Employment, Larceny Pages: 2 (587 words) Published: December 7, 2010
Assignment 1 Personal Ethical Dilemma

Part A – The central issue to the dilemma is Theft:
At one of my previous jobs my employer asked me if I knew anyone with experience for an open position at work. I recommended a friend that I had worked with before in a previous company. He got the job and was great at. After months of working hard, my friend asked my employer for a raise he felt he deserved. When my employer refused, he decided to begin stealing stock as another form of compensation. When my employer realized that stock began to go missing, she informed all the staff of what was going on and that she would be keeping an eye out to catch them. After a while of being unable to catch the thief she started to take away the staff incentives for selling such as contests and work parties. When I finally realized who has been stealing and that it was a friend I had recommended, I was worried about how bad I would look if my employer found out who it really was.

Possible options:
1)Approach my friend and ask him to stop otherwise I will have to tell my employer. In this case my friend will have the warning and an option to stop. If he continues my employer will know who has been stealing, he would loose his job and the theft would stop. However I may or may not look like a snitch or loose a friend. 2)Be completely honest and tell my employer without talking to my friend. In this case the theft would stop immediately since my friend would loose his job without a warning. I would loose a friend and look like a snitch to the other employees. My employer may or may not change her perception of me due to the fact that I recommended him but was honest about the issue. 3)Ignore the situation and not say a word. In this case my friend would continue to steal and cost my employer money especially if his theft intrigues other employees to start stealing since he isn’t getting caught. If he is caught my employer would for him and change their perception of me...
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