Ethical Dilemma

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Ethical Dilemma
A.) Problem:
You’re a fairly new staff member working in a Special Education, Special Day class (SDC) for Severely Emotionally Disturbed students (SED).A student arrives on campus that you haven’t seen in over a week and seems to be pacing around the courtyard and adamant that he doesn’t want to go to class. You approach him and chat with him about his odd behavior and he walks away. In working with these types of youth you let the student have his space because you never know what could be going on, and he has an appointment with you in an hour. An hour later comes and the 2 students you are planning to meet come in your office. You step out of your office into the printing room where you are going to make copies of some paperwork you want filled out. Upon walking back into your office you notice the student whom wasn’t talking earlier pacing around the office and talking to the other student. You act as if you are not listening, as you prepare the paperwork, but you are in fact glued into the conversation. You hear the student tell a story of how he went to a party the weekend prior. His buddies and him got into a scuffle with another kid who called his friends girlfiend a “slut”. The student and his friends confront the guy who called the name and he apologizes and states that he doesn’t want anything to do with fighting all of them. The kid who apologizes decides to call his mother and have her meet him down the street at the bus stop across from the local mall. As he says his goodbyes your student and his friends follow the kid down the street and your students best friend pulls out a gun, shooting the kid in the head. The student has witnessed and been involved in murder. Your student states 3 times in a row the actual shooters name. He states that his friends and him ran 30 blocks home as he was freaking out and throwing up. He still was shaken up and didn’t want to turn his friend in, and also believed many people...
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