Ethical Dilemma

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  • Published : April 30, 2013
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Ethical Dilemma

PlentErgy is an openly traded oil and gas exploration company with operations mostly in Texas and Oklahoma. We do not want to miss the oil exploration in North Dakota. We are highly skilled in hydraulic fracturing or fracking, which is a technique that is used to release oil and gas from rock formations. We are confident that we could use fracking safely to release oil and gas from sites in North Dakota. The ethical dilemma that stands in the way is fracking is closely linked to waste disposal. Millions of galloons of salty, chemical infused wastewater, know, as brine is part of fracking. Oil companies are dumping and spilling the waste onto the land and waterway with increasing regularity. They are supposed to put the brine thousands of feet underground to get into disposal wells but it is not making it that far down. We do not want to miss out at this opportunity in North Dakota but other oil companies are making it tough for us to keep a good reputations with all these stories about them ruining peoples farm land and not doing anything about it. One alternative that we could do is we are going to change the oil game and guarantee that we do not dump any brine onto the land, so that farmers will have there land to grow crops. If by chance we do spill any brine we will do the best that we can do to get rid of it, so that their crops will not be harmed and we will pay them for what we did destroy. Another alternative is we could do nothing about the spilling of the brine just like all the other companies are doing. The third alternative is we could miss out on the opportunity in North Dakota and just stay in Texas and Oklahoma.

Rights and Responsibilities Ethics

The purpose of this analysis is to find what alternatives are the best in promoting the respectful treatment of the people. There are two different kinds of moral right and duty’s liberty rights and welfare rights. Liberty rights are the rights of privacy, freedom of speech and...
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