Ethical Dilemma

Topics: Bible, Marriage, Homosexuality Pages: 6 (2150 words) Published: July 17, 2012
An Ethical Dilemma: GAY MARRIAGE

Gay marriage has been debated heavily in recent years. In this ethical dilemma, there are two sides: Those in favor of gay marriage tend to use arguments for legal matrimony, joint tax fillings, human needs, civil rights, justice, etc. On the other side of the issue, most “opponents” and defenders of the Holy Bible (God’s Word) hold religious and morals established by the founding fathers who specifically chose the Holy Bible as the basis for our Constitution. According to supporters of same-sex marriage, the issue is based on the belief in “equal human rights for all”, no matter what their sexual preferences. Defenders of the Holy Bible believe that marriage is the intimate union of two into oneness (one man and one woman for one lifetime). The Holy Bible says that God instituted marriage as a mechanism by which family is created to reproduce and nurture life. Same-sex marriage promoters and their corrupted political supporters openly destroy this instituted mechanism of family nature, twisting the laws and perverting our constitution. History repeats itself, and eventually this nation will no longer have any religious freedom.

Carrie Prejean, ex-Miss California, was attacked by the angry gay blogger Perez Hilton after a beauty contest in the year 2009. He had a hissy fit after she said that a marriage should be between a man and a woman in response to the question about same-sex marriage being legalized in the US. The blogs and radio commentators were avidly debating all day whether or not Carrie Prejean's gay marriage answer may have cost her to win the Miss USA crown. After the beauty contest, the blogger attacked Miss California for no reason, called her the B word and much worse in a video uploaded all over the internet, just because she said that a marriage should be between a man and a woman, according to her beliefs. The first question that comes to mind is who in the Miss USA organization hired a religion-hater to be a judge? It's a scandal for the contest and an embarrassment for the organization. The person that put Perez Hilton there should be fired and so should his boss who should have known about the well-known odd behavior of this gay blogger. Carrie Prejean is an inspiration and conducted herself more professional than anyone would have after that type of attack, which should not be tolerated in the United States of America.

On September 17, 1787, the Constitution of the United States of America became the supreme law of our land. It was one of the most unique documents ever penned by the hands of men. It established a government  “Of the people, by the people and for the people,” with “equal justice for all.” The first three words of this great document are “We The People,” thus placing the supreme power of government, not in the hands of those elected or appointed, but in those who elect them. Righteous men upon Judeo-Christian principals founded America. Bible law was built into our laws. God has promised that, ”Righteousness will exalt a nation, while sin is a reproach to all people.” Because of rightness, America became the greatest nation in the world. Why would a nation with America’s history prosper for almost two hundred years, becoming the greatest nation history of the world, then fall into disrepute among men? This decline cannot be denied. It began in the 60’s and continues to this day. Those who understand the relationship between our constitution, the Bible, and our nation understand exactly what the problem is. Unfortunately this wisdom is confined to the few rather than the masses. The Constitution is not a Christian document, but it is a document written by Christians. Every concept found in the Constitution of the United States can also be found in the word of God. With access to all the great books of the world, they chose the Bible as the basis of our Constitution. Specifically, they looked to the book of Deuteronomy. Why this particular...
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