Ethical Dilemma

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Business Ethics
Assignment 1
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1.   What is Ed's ethical dilemma ?  

I Believe the definition of ethical is related to our behaviour and the decisions we make and if they are considered right or wrong by society.   I am sure there are times when a situation may be perfectly legal but we may not think it is okay.   Keeping this in mind, Ed's ethical issues include thoroughly paying procurement people out for dinner from the firms money and paying for golf games, although it is stated in the Federal Procurement Policy Act and Federal Question Regulations which implements act In, and the Certificate of Procurement Integrity which procurement agents have signed that its forbidding agents to "offer, give or promise to offer or give, directly or indirectly, any money, gratuity or other thing of value to any procurement official of such agency", so Ed in this case would be breaking the rules and is crossing a dangerous line, and the falsifying of reports would only make it worse for him, because he is stealing from the firm. 2.   What are the Ethical and legal considerations for John at D&S ?

I think he will be held legally liable for all of the actions mentioned above because I'm sure that it's illegal to falsify reports by putting a 15% to the totals expense which practically doesn't exist in other words he is robbing the firms and breaking the firms policy is a very serious matter so I think guess he will be fined and/or be taken to trial depending on the severity of his actions and the amount of money involved.
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