Ethical Dilemas

Topics: Ethics, Employment, Human resources Pages: 2 (778 words) Published: January 2, 2013
The first issue that needs to be resolve is how to answer Gayle’s request for confidentialtyy in the meeting that Gayle requested. The story begins with Gayle having a co-worker that send Gayle flowers on a weekly basis, and it is making co-workers in the office talking. This is an issue because it can be a harrasment issue that needs to be resolve as soon as possible. The first step in resolving the issue would be to indentify who the stakeholders are and how might this issue affect them. The primary stakeholder in this issue are: The shareholders: any important information that might affect the shareholder’s profits or values of the company involves the shareholder. VP of Human Resources: Because Gayle feels harrass by the flowers being sent to her, HR will be involve at one point or another. Director of Sales: This is Gayle’s supervisor, so any decision that is made by the Director will affect his or her reputation and what leadership skills the director of sales has. Gayle: The primary stakeholder, because Gayle is the one that needs to talk in confidence and the ultimate decision will be make based on what information that Gayle will provide. Bill: He is the source of the problem. Depending on what information Gayle provide and the information that was given to the Director of sales, Bill can be in serious trouble.

The next step is for the Director of Sales to indentify the the duties owe to the stakeholders especially the employees, and to ensure that everyone is happy. Some of the duties are following the company’s protocols to reduce the liability for the company, making sure that employees can do their job in a safe enviroment, and to confide in in the manager if needed. Ensuring the stakeholder’s happiness is critical in this ethical lens. Shareholders are happy when productions is rising and that the company is provdiing excellent goods and services. VP of Human Resource is happy as long as the employees do their...
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