Ethical Delimma at Northlake

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  • Published : October 7, 2011
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Ethical Dilemma at Northlake
Frank is the manager of corporate reporting at Amalgamated Forests Products. He had objected to the report "Endangered Species: The Pulp and Paper Industry in the Upper Peninsula', this report contained the industry's response to the new government's proposals to control effluents from being discharged into environmentally sensitive regions. Amalgamated Forests Products had taken a lead in presenting the perspective of the five pulp and paper companies in the region. Frank believed the report that was prepared was inaccurate and deceitful. The basis of the conflict was the financial consequences of the emission controls proposed by the government. The report said that it would lead to an increase in costs to the extent of 30%. In Frank's opinion, the increase would be between 8 and 10 percent. In addition, Amalgamated claimed that the industry was already suffering from the financial effects of the recession and it had caused severe hardships to its mills. The company claimed that there would be severe financial consequences to Amalgamated Forests Products if it were compelled to install pollution control equipment. The president of Amalgamated Forests Products, Jean Letourneau was scheduled to present the report to the legislation. According to Frank, the figures that Amalgamated Forests Products was giving legislature were false and did not take into account the kind of damage Amalgamated Forests Products was doing to the Wanawashee River. Finding of Fact #1

My first finding of fact deals with the interpersonal relations between Frank and his coworkers. In particular, Frank’s relationship with Tina Pacquette was not very cordial. Justification/Recommendation

According to the text, workplace relationships have a great impact on the behavior of employees. Poor relationships in the workplace can become a significant source of stress. In this story, Frank obviously has a poor opinion of Tina. Frank refers to...
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