Ethical Decision Making

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  • Published : June 21, 2008
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Ethical Decision Making
Ethics is a set of moral principles that set forth people’s actions when in conflict with having to examine and decide what is right or wrong, what is legal or illegal, and what is proper or improper to do. Every business action and decision we make during the course of our lives could indicate when a situation has a wrong or right implication. Most people tend to make business ethical decisions based on personal interest, economic status, professional values, and social influences. I strongly believe there is an explanation to why we do all the things we do. According to Plato “everything happens for a reason.” For example, a person is lying on his resume in order to get a new job to support his family. Readers can see on this example that, the ethical defensible reason for this person to lie on his resume was the fact that he or she needed to be able to support his family. He or she probably thought it was ok to do so because it could save his family from being evicted from their home. Does that mean it is ok for everyone to lie, of-course not. But, many people do have a low morality and they do not know how to take for granted some of these personal values. Supervising the well-being of people, showing respect for self-governing, expressing honesty & loyalty to people, obeying the law, refusing to take advantage of those who are in disadvantage, and doing well to prevent harm (Colero, Larry. 1997). Other experts suggest that ethical decision-making depends on communication systems training & books, company incentives given to employees to promote job productivity & good behavior, and business culture which dictate how people interact with each other and share ideas (Coughlan, Richard. 2003). Although, I agree with some of the previous ground rules, I think that in general, ethical decision making should not be based on personal motives, cultural rules, society laws, religious believes, political influences, company’s policies,...
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