Ethical Considerations

Topics: Employment, Ethics, Health care Pages: 3 (889 words) Published: January 23, 2013
The Impaired Employee and Liability

Identify and explain at least three ethical considerations.
I believe that the first ethical consideration is the fact that the potential employee was upfront in revealing that he had a degenerative progressive condition that could result in a disability. He did not have to bring this to our attention and his physicians are not even able to predict when the disabling condition will appear or if it will appear at all. The candidate was demonstrating his own highly ethical behavior which is ultimately what we are looking for in an employee. The second ethical consideration is that we are responsible for displaying the same kind of ethical behavior we expect from our employees. The basis for any ethical decision is based on what is morally right or wrong. The right thing to do in any hiring situation is to hire the best possible candidate. The candidate in question went through the screening and interview process and was the number one pick of mine and the screening committee. His potential health problems have nothing to do with his professional abilities and whether or not he would be able to competently perform his duties. A third ethical consideration is the fact that I shared my concerns with other high ranking company officials and instead of looking at the qualifications of the candidate they looked at the financial risk the candidate could impose on the company in the future. I believe we should have considered what an asset his skills and abilities would have been to the company versus an unknown financial risk due to a possible disability that may not occur. Identify and explain at least three legal considerations.

The first legal consideration would be in denying the candidate employment because of any kind of disability. The Americans with Disabilities act prohibits any employer from discriminating against a qualified individual with a disability in the job application procedure, hiring,...
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