Ethical Computing

Topics: Ethics, E-mail, Business ethics Pages: 4 (861 words) Published: May 9, 2010
Ethical Computing
QBA 362 w/ Burke
Ltelatk H. Fritz

Ethical Computing QBA 362-Spring 2010

1. Find a code of ethics from a firm of your choosing (other than the CPSR or the ACM). What do you think are the best five guiding principles from all the tips that you found?

Code of Ethics

Information stored on the computer should be treated as seriously as written or spoken word.  Privacy should not be violated. In case of academic use, it is known plagiarism.

   

Information for public viewing should not be modified or deleted or inaccessible since these are considered as destructive acts. Intrusive software such as "worms" and "viruses" which are destructive to the computer system is also illegal. Congesting somebody’s system with a lot of unwanted information is also unethical. Sending obscene and crude messages through mail or chat is also forbidden.  Sending sexually explicit content, message or pictures is also forbidden

I felt the top five codes under Buzzle®’s Code of Ethics were the best. Because in general it covers a broad area of things. Treating information stored on computers as if they were written or spoken words, is like asking users to respect the rights of others, as well as their responsibility towards other people’s work. (Individual Responsibility) Leaving other people’s work in tact as they are—without modification or deletion, is important because it preserves the other person’s integrity. It’s kind of the same as walking into (or breaking into ) someone’s home and rearranging their furniture without their knowledge. (Preserving Integrity)


Ethical Computing QBA 362-Spring 2010

2. Is forwarding e-mail jokes good or bad? Summarize the opposing arguments you found. ‡ I personally forward e-mail that I think is appropriate for the individual I am sending...
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