Ethical Challenges in the Media, Collaboration Tools, and Combatting Plagiarism

Topics: Collaborative software, Music industry, Copyright infringement Pages: 3 (732 words) Published: August 13, 2012
WK1 DQ 1
What are some of the ethical challenges surrounding the movie and music industries as they relate to the Internet? The current conflict between the recording industry and a portion of its customers who are involved in illicit copying of music files arose from innovations involving the compression and electronic distribution of files over the internet. Some of the ethical challenges associated with responses that threaten further innovation, ultimately reduce the chances of finding solutions that hold appeal for all parties. Today’s world of the online web has provided new opportunities for both the creators and the consumers of media such as music. The digital aspect of the web allows for wonderful innovations such as MP3 players but ethical personal use must be employed to avoid legal punishment.

How has education affected your views about the practice of downloading or copying multimedia content in these fields? When you download music without paying for it or share it with others without their paying for it, the musicians don’t get paid for their hard work. Recording companies and their professional associations consider this stealing. The RIAA, the professional organization which represents the recording companies, (Recording Industry Association of America), has reacted with copyright infringement legal actions against schools and college students. These notices are very serious and deal with potential copyright infringement. School use or personal use copying should be limited to a respectful, ethical Fair Use of media content.

Charles I agree with your post, “You never know what someone has included or sent along with a song, file, or picture.” However, the music industry is now going through vast changes due to the new digital world. Now there are more legal ways for music customers to purchase their music online with services such as iTunes, Rhapsody,, etc. There are even some legitimate free music download examples. For...
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