Ethical Business Dilema

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  • Published : November 3, 2011
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Ethical Dilemma
Analysis through the 8 questions model by Arthur Dobrin

Case 1 – Rental Applicant
African-American applicant
Stable work history
More than enough income to cover the rent
Good references from their previous landlord
A couple with one young son (Family)
Before applicants accepted, rental agent should have done a background check as a standard procedure. 2.Facts we don’t know
Verifications of facts – conduct a cross check
oWhether or not the facts provided by the applicant are true Income – Salary Statement
References from landlord – Written letter/call
Work History – Stable/Unstable work experience
Applicants behavior/habit – past rental history
oWhether or not they like to break lease or skip town – leave an unpaid rent •The reason for postponing the application
oWhat does Kate mean by saying “in my experience”… whether it’s actually because of her experience dealing with application or racial discrimination. 3.Facts Interpretation
Stable work history  stable – whether they have work long time or not (cross-check credential) •A family more likely to be more settled in one place compare to single status individual. •A good reference from previous landlord means that the applicant has a good record of being a good tenant. •Have more than enough income means that the applicant has the capability to fulfill its obligation of paying the rent. 4.Walk in another’s shoes (problem viewed from others that involved) •Kate might give a stereotype view of the African-American applicant 5.Consequences

If we don’t take them :
oWe might lose a good tenant
oWe might lose our business opportunity
oWe might build a strict image to prospective customer
If we take them :
oThere’s a possibility that we end up having a default rent 6.Feelings
Megan Perspective : “Look very good” for their application •Kate Perspective : “Don’t rush their application” – having negative perception •Our...
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