Ethical Behavior at Work

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3. Are the actions of people in the workplace a consequence of individual or organisational characteristics? What would promote ethical behaviour at work?


Ethical behaviour is a pretty wide topic and it might not always be easy to know the different boundaries. However, in your career there are certain boundaries that have been set and different policies that have been formed to regulate what you do. In other words, as a professional, you need to know the things you should not do. Different organizations have an ethical code of behaviour. Over and above this, different professions have ethics codes that are not to be violated. The main definition of ethics is that it is a philosophy which seeks to uphold various fundamental issues that mainly address morality and so on. There are many things that you can gain from having good behavioural ethics in the workplace

To an extent, I believed that both individual or organizations have to play a part in the actions of the workplace and the consequences of actions should be also bear by both parties. In an organization, both individual or organizations do play a part in the actions of the workplace and I believed that both part should be responsible for the consequences. Managers are role models. As a manager of a company, he or she has a responsibility for ethical behavior in organizations because they affect culture, policies and practices as managers should begin with clear standards( Trevino & Nelson 2006).

(Crane, A &  Matten, D 2007) As an individual, we clearly know that each employees bring certain traits and characteristics with them into an organization, and they are likely to influence the way in how the employees think and how they response to ethical issues. There are several factors that can cause a difference in the ethical decision- making. 1. Age and gender; it is a common question about whether men or women are more ethical. However, half of the studies reported by (Ford & Richardson 1994) were that women are more ethical than men. Compared the gender, age tended to report very mixed results as it does not have a clear picture emerging on the influence of age on ethical beliefs. 2. National and cultural characteristics; it is a fact to see a certain differences of what they perceive as ethical or unethical if there are people who come from a different countries and cultures. People from different cultural background tend to have different beliefs about right and wrong. Besides that, research has suggested that nationality can have a significant effect on ethical beliefs, as well as views of what is deemed an acceptable approach to certain business issues (Becker & Fritzsche's 1987). 3. Education and employment; the type of education received by individuals as well as their professional training and experience might be different from one another, therefore it is also an important factor about how it can influence the ethical decision- making. Research has shown that business students are to be driven more by self- centred values than other students (McCabe et al. 1991). In a corporate scandals that happened in 2000s, it was stated that many of the senior executives that was involved were alumni from Harvard, Stanford whereas other American business schools had become embroiled in major ethical and legal malpractice (Willen, L. 2004). 4. Psychological factors; it is concerned with cognitive process and from knowing the difference in the cognitive processes of individuals can actually help to understand how people decide what is right or wrong. 5. Locus of Control; it was to be said that an individual's locus of control determines the extent to which he or she believes that they have control over the events in their life. They suggest that those with a strong internal locus of control will tend to be more cautious of their actions and also take more responsibility for their actions. (Trevino & Nelson 2007) 6....
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