Ethical Aspects of Marketing

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  • Published: August 11, 2009
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Ethical Aspects of Marketing

Developing a Business Plan

August 4, 2009

Ethical Aspects of Marketing

Executive Summary

This report outlines the social, ethical and legal aspects of marketing.

Environmentally Responsible Products

Consumers have become more aware of the impact of both production and consumption on the wider environment in recent years. This is acutely apparent in the way products are now packaged.

During recent years many companies have assisted in doing their part for the environment by changing their packaging to make it more environmentally responsible. An example of this is McDonalds Family Restaurant phasing out polystyrene burger containers with recyclable paper. McDonalds’ management discovered the potential damage their packaging was doing to the environment and acted quickly to prevent further damage from occurring, and as a result of this change, the new burger packaging is cheaper, it is faster to pack, and easier to dispose of.

Packaging aside, many other products can be potentially harmful. These include herbicides, pesticides, paint, oil, etc, and if not disposed of carefully, they can cause harm to the environment.

Manufacturers, such as OMO, promote biodegradable products as they naturally break down in soil.

Impacts of Retail Developments

The trend towards the development of large shopping complexes raises difficult ethical questions. Consumers become mesmerized with the array of products set out in an attractive environment of sound, color and activity. A large number of older complexes in Sydney and regional NSW are being rebuilt as their owners take advantage of advances in marketing theory.

Large shopping complexes are constructed to provide a way of life. The availability of credit along with the availability of goods sees some people spending well beyond their means. It has been argued that management of these complexes should be held accountable. This highlights the ethical issues, which...
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