Ethical and Moral Perspective

Topics: Full-time, Culture, Cultural relativism Pages: 3 (896 words) Published: June 5, 2011
MARCH 10, 2011

Question 1

A.Ethical Subjectivism says that how I feel or how I view or perceive is the acceptable standard; this is without consideration of any other view beside my own. It is the insistence that my belief is all that truly matter for that is how I determined thing to be. B.Romantic Sentimentalism states that human being in general is by nature good; and all been well, all things being equal will express goodness out of the pureness of his heart. All that is truly required is for him to trust his feeling for moral guidance. C.Cultural Relativism have to do with a poll of the public opinion which is used to determined the consensus acceptable standard; which states that the group decision regarding a thing is what is right and acceptable. The individual opinion does not matter or taken into consideration. D.Double Think is what is regarded as holding at the same time two apparent contrasting view, while at the same time claiming them both as your position on a matter; despite both views are opposite stand to each other. E.Social Darwinism relates that human being respond instinctively to urges and drives in his domain his primary motive been one of survival. His view of the world in a natural sense is that only the fittest will survive.

Question 2
An argument against ethical subjectivism in essence is following one’s own way only valuing personal opinion excluding the opinion of others but with obvious internal conflicting opinion and apparent sort fall at interval what mechanism would an individual relies on for check and balance when he is going or is off course. To rely solely on one own opinion could land an individual totally unaware of an impending danger, and may also find he is on his own. This simple approach though seems straight forward and with some degree of merit is still deficient in that it does not offer a true basis by which the examination between what is considered factual or...
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