Ethical Analysis of Carrefour Corporation

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Stakeholder Analysis3
Customer - Cheating on Price3
Suppliers - Squeezed the profits4
Company - Energy saving and Emission reduction4
SWOT Analysis of overall company CSR, sustainability, and ethical performance4 Strength4

Carrefour S.A. is a French multinational retailer, Founded on 1958. Through 54 years, Carrefour has become one of the largest hypermarket chains in the world, the second largest retail group in terms of revenue, and the third largest in profit (after Wal-Mart and Tesco). There are over 11,000 retail stores in 29 countries all over the world. But Carrefour in china market, Carrefour is facing the problem of reputation and support rate gradually reduced because of their unethical things has been published.

In this report, some wrongdoing of Carrefour will be carried out, by analyzing its stakeholders and using the method of SWOT analysis. Then a list of some recommendations according to these wrongdoing will be put forward.

Stakeholder Analysis

In this part, I will analyze the different stakeholders through different cases

Customer - Cheating on Price

Carrefour have damaged their own reputations by trying to cheat Chinese consumers by overpricing. With the New Year to be...
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