Topics: Ethics, Psychology, Meaning of life Pages: 4 (1342 words) Published: April 11, 2013
Don Trieu
Philosophy 250 – KCC-SP13
By: Dr. Robin Fujikawa

The True Love
Perception is a very important element for an ethic member in the committee. Perception could be right and wrong; most of the time, people have wrong perception. In the other words, the way of our cognition and the view of life base on how we perceive life. The motivation of our perception relies on what kind of base that is the other concern in ethic theory. In the case of Terri Schiavo, the conflict of dying decision becomes extremely ethic matter. Who has the right to decide other to live or to die? From the base of humanity, human emotion is a factor that involves in this practice which negotiates in the case of termination of life. Of course, human is not a tool of society; however, human creates laws and society to satisfy their needs. From the common sense, whenever the individual does great job then he or she will receive a great feedback from the collective. The goodness and badness are always lying deep in our justification of cognition of phenomena. In the other looks, human perception is a central factor for all of actions; moreover, depending on its quality then people determine the appropriate actions or not. Human being is higher level than other animals. According to Baillie and his colleagues said that “central to a natural law ethics would be a definition of human beings, such as Aristotle’s suggestion that we are rational animals” (7). Moreover, the principle of bad and good that can guide us to the direction of beauty and satisfaction by our actions to life. The goodness is a inborn nature that goes along with man at birth. Confuse declared in the first sentences of his San Tzu Ching that “men at their birth are naturally good (人 之 初 性 本 善).” In additional, Kantian deontologism supports the idea of goodness should be done because that there are the demands of reason. Baillie summaries that “the basic idea is that an act can be described as good and what...
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