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Ethics Case Study
July 30, 2012
Ken Parker

Ethics Case Study
The below case study is about an assistant, Jerry McCall who is put in an unethical situation at his bosses office, Dr. Williams. In the case study Jerry is asked to refill a prescription called Valium for a patient. The patient is flying out of town in a half hour and is also a close friend to Dr. Williams. Jerry is left in the doctor’s office alone as he debates whether to refill the prescription or not.

Since Jerry is an assistant to Dr. Williams, he has certain responsibilities and duties that include answering phones and responding to patient request in an ethical manner. Jerry also has a limited amount of clinical training, which makes the situation worse since Jerry is not qualified to refill prescriptions. LPN’s and medical assistants do not have the authority to refill prescriptions. Dr. Williams is the only one authorized to write the patient prescriptions and to authorize refills. By the patient being the doctors close friend does not change the situation. I am sure the doctor has a lot of close friends but it is unethical for his assistant to authorize refills to his friends who are also patients. It doesn’t matter if the prescription is for high blood pressure or not, the ethical answer should still be no. As an assistant to Dr. Williams’s, Jerry is only trained and allowed to call in refills or prescriptions that are approved by Dr. Williams first, no exceptions. If Jerry calls in a refill and if the patient get on the plane and has an allergic reaction to it than Dr. Williams will be held accountable and Jerry will be protected under the doctrine of respondeat superior act. According to the act the employer would be responsible for their employees during the course of their employment with the company. High blood pressure is a serious condition that can cause strokes, heart attacks, and aneurysms. If the patient had a stroke on the plane than the patient’s...
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