Ethic Groups and Discrimination - Scottish-Americans

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Ethnic Groups and Discrimination - Scottish Americans
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Ethnic Groups and Discrimination - Scottish Americans
People from Scotland first came to the new world in the 1600s. There is some evidence of Scots coming to what is now considered America with the Vikings as slaves. This would be one of the first occurrences of mistreatment they endured (Gormley, 2000). Like other ethnic groups who migrated to the United States looking for a better life they were burdened with stereotypes and misconceptions about what kind of people they were. Over the course of their history people of Scottish decent have been a major force in the building of our country. They were instrumental in the creation and establishment of our current way of accounting, not just our country. History

In America the Scots were stereotyped by the English, Dutch and Germans who also immigrated to this country. These groups stereotyped the Scots as uncivilized, not orderly and not interested in working hard to improve themselves. They were viewed as excellent fighters and were used in the western frontier as a first line of defense against Indian attacks. It did not take long for the Scots to squash the undeserved images of them by the colonists. Two Scotsmen names are on the Declaration of Independence and have been some of the most influential political figures in the history of America (Akins, 2010). The features and characteristics of the Scots would continue in the following centuries to come. After the revolutionary war period Scots would continue coming to America. Many of these immigrants possessed a higher than average education level when compared to other immigrants of the same period. Scotsmen were merchants, professionals, educators, doctors, and clergy (Landsman, 2006). With the exception of the latter, it can be presumed that this group, the Scots, was probably the faction doing the...
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