Eth125 Skin Tone Iat

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  • Published : August 14, 2011
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I took the skin-tone IAT and my data suggested a strong automatic preference for light skin compared to dark skin. I knew that I may or may not have agreed with some parts of the test results; however, I strongly disagree with the results that I actually did receive. The way that the test switches the sides in which the categories are populate, was really confusing. I do not believe that it was because there were light skinned people on one side and dark skinned people on the other, I believe it was confusing when the images shown on the opposite sides of the screen. I feel that if it were any other images, I would have still been just as confused, but because the images that were switched were of people, my data suggests that I have a stronger preference for light skin compared to dark skin. If the order in which the test was given was switched (dark skin first, then light skin) I honestly feel the data would have suggested that I have a strong automatic preference for dark skin than light skin. Therefore, I do not feel that this test was accurate in my case as I do not have a stronger automatic preference for light skin compared to dark skin; I’d say I’m relatively neutral. In my opinion, I do feel that it is difficult to accurately measure prejudice. For example, this test may indicate that someone has a strong prejudice toward a specific race, when that may not be the case, as I found this test to be somewhat of a brain teaser. I believe that sociologists measure prejudice in many different ways, with most of them being measurements about how people react to certain things.
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