Eth 125 Week Dq 2

Topics: Ice hockey, Stereotype, White people Pages: 1 (317 words) Published: May 9, 2011
I think that grouping would be like creating a niche, or a group of people associated in some way. For example; we could make a group for Cooking. In this group we would have Chefs, Cooks, Sioux Chef’s, Salad Chefs, and Line Cooks. It could then be proven that or verified that these people who make up this group are in fact professionals in that field. Stereotyping is more where you assign certain traits to a group of people. For example; everyone who uses Microsoft Word hates children. For starters you couldn’t prove that to be true, and second that would be considered a stereotype. Grouping implies more of an objective reason for assembling people together. An example of that might be placing people into a group that is based upon age, sex, or religion. Those are easily discernible characteristics that can be used to draw group lines. Stereotyping usually involves placing people in a group according to characteristics that they might not possess. More often, stereotyping assigns characteristics to groups according to common assumptions about the groups such as ALL black people like fried chicken or Mexicans are lazy. Stereotyping can have a terrible impact on group relations, especially if people judge those in other groups based on stereotypes instead of basing their judgments on the reality they experience with a particular person. For example, let's say that I'm a white boy who likes to play ice hockey but I don't want to play with my neighbor who also likes to play ice hockey because he is black and I've heard that black kids don't like white kids, and they are all in gangs and kill people. Let's say the black kid next door doesn't want to be my friend because he has heard that all white kids don't like black kids. That's stereotyping.
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