Eth-125 Week 9 Final Prject

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  • Published : December 2, 2012
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Final Project: Kristopher Freitag

Race and ethnicity and understanding its differences helped me achieve a certain amount of levity with the way I interact with others. America is extremely diverse, yet have an abundance of things in common. This is shown throughout history and right outside our doors, America, where our towns and cities are filled to the brim with personalities and of difference race and ethnicity share this culture that we call American society. I have learned to put a haul to being short sited and while I learned little about my own cultural history, the most important thing is to ensure you do not ignore it. Too many people have prejudged notions and are set in their own cultural history and views, but once one looks into it, there are vastly more things one has not realized and learned. It's hard to believe going in to the class that you would be so naive and ignorant to realize how close we are to one another, and how our struggles of differences have brought us closer together. For myself a Caucasian male, there is little to learn about my ethnicity, however as my wife is Hispanic we have grown closer as I have learned more from her and her "peeps" as she calls them, than most will ever realize. Learning about your own cultural can be beneficial, however I see more benefit in knowing another's, this in turn shows a level of respect for their own history and not a complete overlook of any walks of life they may have come from.

The trends in immigration in the United States are very predictable and continue to grow exponentially. Immigration growth is expected to remain high within the United States, as people love this country of ours, and will continue to move here because of its values and most important of all, its freedom. Yes, America is not perfect, but it is considered the mother country and I don't think that reputation is going away soon. People must...
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