Eth 125 Week 8 Checkpoint

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  • Published : March 20, 2011
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Appendix E

Asian Americans According to the U.S. Census Bureau

Part I

Organize statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau on Asian American diversity using the matrix below and the Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month: May 2010 document. Use the following directions to locate the document:

• Go to the homepage of the U.S. Census Bureau website: • Scroll down to Newsroom.
• Click on Facts for Features.
• Under the 2010 heading, select the document: March 2: Facts for Features: Older Americans Month: May 2010 | PDF Version - 67K.

You may also locate the document under the Week 8 Materials tab on your student website.

Statistic 1 of the Cultural Makeup column is provided for your reference. Note: you will find only two statistics to place in the financial row.

| |Statistic 1 |Statistic 2 |Statistic 3 | |Cultural Makeup |13.1 million U.S. residents are |5.1 million Asian live in |3.62 million Asian are of Chinese | | |Asian or Asian in combination |California |descent | | |with other races | | | |Financial |70,069 is the median household |11.8 % of single race Asians are in| | | |income for single race Asians |poverty | | |Nationality |3.09 million are Filipinos |2.73 million are Asian Indians |1.73million are Vietnamese | |Education |50% of single race Asians are 25 |85% of Asians had at least a high |20% Graduated with masters or | | |and older with BA or higher...
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