Eth/125 Week 7 Assignment

Topics: United States, Hispanic and Latino Americans, Spanish language Pages: 2 (726 words) Published: April 8, 2011
Assignment: Hispanic American Diversity ETH/125
As of today the Hispanic community forms the fastest growing ethnic minority in the United States. As of 2003, population data sowed 37.4 million Latinos, outnumbering the 34.7 million African Americans. Today, 25 million, or two-thirds of Hispanics in the United States, are Mexican American. The term Hispanic is used for all people from the Spanish-speaking countries of Latin America and from Spain. As I continue this essay, I will be identifying the linguistic, political, social, economic, religious and familial conventions of four different Latino group; Mexican-American, Puerto Ricans, and people from various parts of Central and South America. Mexican Americans, which is the biggest minority, share the heritage of the Spanish language. About 23 percent of Mexican Americans are English dominant, 26 percent are bilingual, and 51 percent are Spanish dominant. Over the last 30 years, with the ever expanding Hispanic population growing, major political parties have begun to acknowledge that Mexican Americans form a force in the election process. This is why certain policies have been passed to allow non-English voters the chance to vote using multilingual ballots. Although Hispanics incomes have increased over the last 20 years, the income gap between non-Hispanic Whites has remained the same. Mexican Americans religion remains to be Catholic faith, well at least for 75 percent of the Mexican American population. Family continues to play a major part for every Mexican American, often time’s family members will send money to other family members so that they can have a better life, and most of the time family member will not move out of their houses until they are married. Puerto Rican Americans are the third largest Hispanic subgroup living in the continental United States. Puerto Rican Americans just like Mexican Americans share the heritage of the Spanish language. Unlike Mexican Americans...
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