Eth/125 Week 5 Assignment

Topics: Arab, The Culture, Gender Pages: 1 (341 words) Published: June 20, 2011
Brittany Manning
Week 5 assignment

People have different opinions

I had my sister Ashley completed the other appendix D and she has completely different answers then I did. You can’t help what you think of people it doesn’t matter what you want to believe about them there are just some things that are truer about them than others. When it comes to an assignment like this you have to look at the answers of yours and then the answers of the other person who did this it doesn’t matter what religion they are or even what color they are. The answers are always going to be different from one another. When you think about the assignment it comes to mind as something that isn’t going to be useful later but that’s where we are wrong this will come in handy when you need to know different things about each race and the way that they do things compared to an American. We are different in many ways but we are also a like in a lot of ways as well for example most of Americans and Arabs live by the bible or in their case the Qur’an there are many different things that come included in these books none of them are the same. How we are different is in American cultures women work but in Arab cultures women are not allowed to work and the men dictate where they are allowed to go how many children they are allowed to have and things of that sort. They are sexist when it comes to things of that sort men have to rule everything and women cannot. In American culture we believe that woman and men are equals and that woman can do the same things that a man can. It doesn’t matter that we aren’t as strong as them or anything like that all that matters is that we can do this the same way they can.
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