Eth 125 Week 1 Assignment Journal Entry

14th day in March of 1838,

My feet are filled with pain and my back is sore. I am hungry and there isn’t very much food to go around. I pray we stop for the night when the sun goes down so we can rest while the earth rests. We have walked since last morning, all thru the darkness of the night. The white man came in anger; pointing rifles and made my people leave our village. The white man takes what he wants from my people’s land. As if he owns the land, in which there is no other to stop the white man from doing so. They make us move to new land, as if our land was not enough to take, my mother lays in a shallow grave on the hillside. My Father has sickness now and fever. It makes me sad and I feel hate for the white man. They make us work long days with very little rest during the night. No matter the age group of my people, we are still order to work the white mans land. It is raining from the sky and it makes me fell better. We use to play in the rain, when I was a running young with a happy heart, I knew no fear and now my days are fearful. Knowing at anytime the white man can and will separate me from my family or members of my tribe sooner or later. Why the white man does such things, they move use far away from our homes then try to break us down. We try to do all that we can so hopefully one day we can go back home to our land. But when the day goes by, after a long hard day, we know deep down inside, we will never make it back to that place we call our home. So we try to keep our spirits alive and look for ways to better ourselves to prepare for the next day ahead of us, not knowing what is in hand for our tribe. Though the white man never knows what our future may bring, yet they just live day to day, hour for hour. The white man just looks for the easiest way to make an extra dollar the cheapest way no matter who has to suffer. Times are hard for our tribe. We have some that are too old or just too young for this type of punishment. Yet no one...
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