Eth/125 Version 7 Appendix a

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  • Published : December 30, 2012
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Appendix A
Part I
Define the following terms:

|Term |Definition | |Diversity |The concept of diversity covers an area of both acceptance as well as respect, this means | | |that it gives an understanding to each of us that every single individual is unique and | | |has individual differences which can be either of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation and | | |others. It is also the discovery along with the exploration of these differences in an | | |environment which is nurturing and safe setting a feeling of mutualism among the society. | |Ethnocentrism |"Ethnocentrism" is normally implemented in places or circles where relations among | | |individuals in ethnicity or with very closely related social issues are found, usually | | |this word expresses one’s judging of other groups usually in an inferior perspective from | | |our own cultural point of view. | |Melting pot |Melting pot is a concept referring to a heterogeneous society becoming more homogenous | | |with the different elements “melting together” into a harmonious whole with a common | | |culture. In is most commonly used to describe the assimilation of immigrants to the United| | |States. This term is often challenged, however, by those who assert that cultural | |...
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