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Emily Dickinson was one amazing author, I read through her poems and wonder what kind of out look she could possibly have on life. In her poem, “Because I could not stop for Death”, I found it difficult to actually interpret what she had written. There are many things in this poem that make it hard to tell. But, in the end, I have come to the conclusion that Emily was clearly writing about one’s journey after they die.

This poem was beautifully written, there are many stylistic things that made it enjoyable to read, such as the pauses, the meter and rhythm. While reading through this poem, I found that there was a rhythm that reminded me of a horses’ trot. It’s almost as if she actually made the breaks there so it would sound like such a thing, seeing as the character of the poem was riding in carriage.

In lines one through eight, Emily describes death as a chauffeur merely leading her on to the next life. There is no sign of remorse, hatred, sadness, or glee; it just seems like the character was perfectly content to die. The character is completely calm as she takes her journey along with death, “We slowly drove-- He knew no haste” (5). It appears to me that they are both just taking their time, knowing that they’ll get there whenever they get there.

“We passed the Setting Sun-- Or rather-- He passed Us”(13-14) is an unusual set of lines. What Emily was trying to describe that was now that the character has died in the poem, she’s not in the real world. She has no ability to pass things, it’s as if the character is stuck in time. Time stopped, and the world had no plans of stopping with her. I think that there could be some sort of sadness in these two lines, with the character knowing that the world will go on with out her and eventually everything will be the same.

The next set of lines explains a part of death that everyone will experience. The coldness of dying. We all know that when someone dies, they become cold because there is no...

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