Estuary Project Paper

Topics: Water, San Francisco Bay, Biotic component Pages: 4 (1226 words) Published: January 16, 2012
The restoration of the regions in San Francisco Estuary are based on many applications from water use, land use, dredging and waterway modification, wetlands management, and the pollution prevention and reduction fazes. I will be taking a look at the aspects of the pollution prevention and reduction within the San Francisco Estuary program. Estuaries are unique, dynamic transition zones, between the watershed and the world ocean system. In this paper I will try to discuss the abiotic and biotic characteristics of the San Francisco Estuary and how they are important to the diversity and productivity of the organisms in the estuary. Reviewing the population growth and how it affects the estuary. The behavior of humans that affects the habitats of the estuary. Different types of conservation efforts that are being used to maintain and promote organism biodiversity among animals and plants in the estuary. Try to outline the progress of conservation efforts in the estuary.

The living and nonliving factors are a combination of factors in the environment that affect the estuary. The living factors are called biotic factors and the nonliving factors are called abiotic factors of living organisms within the estuary. These two factors have an immense affect on the productivity and diversity of organisms in the estuary. The biotic characteristics that have an effect on the San Francisco estuary are consumers, predators, and producers. The consumers such as zooplankton eat the producers such as Phytoplankton’s, in the process zooplankton is eaten by herring, smelt, grass shrimp that are interim eaten by larger consumers. The predators such as fish, birds, humans, otters, and seals. So you can see how all of the organisms above rely on each other to survive. Without one the entire balance of the estuary would be thrown out of whack. The abiotic characteristics that have an effect on the San Francisco estuary can be the amount of sunshine that is available,...
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